Don't Not Allow This Company To Work On Your Home, Hire Someone Else, Had Them Fix My Roof And Stucco The Front Of My Home, 5 Years Later, A Two Attempts, Still Leaking As We Speak, Also Make Sure They Write Everything Down They Say You Are Going To Get, Because They Will Not Honor It Learned The Hard Way, Nothing But Slick Talking Two Bit Crooks.

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Bellmore, New York, United States #845763

Bellerose Roofing subs out our company...the secretary is a thief? Never heard those ones before.

My company would appreciate if you used a name that wasn't anonymous and contacted our office with any complaints. Our records do not show any complaints of this nature.


Had I known that Bellerose Roofing and Siding, Floral Park NY subcontracted out to Panther Windows and Siding, I would have ripped the agreement up immediately. Not only did they cause flood damgage in our basement after yanking the outside faucet to make room for the vinyl siding that had broken the inside pipe which had been in place for years but after ordering shutters from them to match our siding, they delivered two shades that weren't even close and frigging cheap plastic to boot.

Long story short I'm letting our lawyer handle this fiasco.

Run away fast from Bellerose Roofing and Siding and his Panther subcontractors. Plus only deals "cash only." Hmmmmmmmm.


They also rob that or workers. The secretary Geri is the biggest thief their is.

They care about nothing but money.

They call themselves godly people. They are the biggest liars you will ever meet.

to Anonymous #847945

Mike....use your name please

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